Tuesday, April 04, 2006

New opportunities

This weekend has been eventfully and curiously more enlightening as it went on, following my job interview on Friday afternoon. That went very well, I thought I had ballsed it up for a while, yet quite astonishingly yesterday I was informed that the job was mine, I'm now going to be working in Marketing for a well known Human Rights organisation, my ideal job.

My excitement for this continues to grow, I remember seeing the advert and being so moved that this job was made for me that I physically cried. How gay. Yet I not ashamed of admitting that, this is something that has come at the right time almost with impeccable timing, especially with my looming redundacy, and my new boss is delightful, yesterday he mentioned that everyone there (I suspect that was a slight exaggeration, possibly even considering the entire Marketing Dept) was really excited that I was coming, and looking forward to working with me. I can't wait.

Also on Friday afternoon, I was sent an email about Hat Club opening in Clapham, I've been to Hat Club in Brighton, and loved it, funky music, nice people, extrodanary hats. Which reminded me of a lovely young man I met in A:M who was wearing a charming hat when we met, and was the basis of our much covered conversation during the evening. So I texted him to enquire if he would be interested in joining me there, he rang back and we discussed it at length, plus my recent job interview. He is a photographer, and is currently during a project on Human Rights abuses in the country, and was planning a piece containing several nudes in parliament Sq, and enquired f I would like to join, so it seems one phone call later, and I've managed a date and permission to swagger round the HofP in the nude, an ambition I didn't even realise I had until it was suggested to me.

Then there was the occasion of my Godchild's christening on Sunday, of which I seem to have renounced sin in her name, oh dear, what were her parents thinking of asking a drugged gay man to be their child's moral guardian. The child's life is corrupted before it's even started properly yet.