Thursday, March 30, 2006


It's been a turbulant time in work recently, there are major changes afoot, including a loss of 25 people who currently do my job, out of a current 105.

The other thing is that the job is also changing for those that stay, whereas now my workload is taken up with analysing and assisiting buying with allocating and store communications, will now become purely allocating and store communicating.

I've always been in two minds about my job, the analysing I love, the allocating a bore, so with this is mind, I put myself up for voluntary redundacy, as yet to be confirmed. Now this week during consultation, the true reasons behind the change were annonced, whereas previously we were told that it was to improve the business, the directors set out how many they actually wanted to lose, and it was the job of the projct manager to relaise these figures, which is appalling treatment by a supposedly 'fair and respected employer', yet this isn't the only point of aner aainst the proposal. The business, as with many other offered a bonus on company and unit performance, which the business had achieved with ease this year, and hasn't happened for a number of years. This week is the last week of the fiancial year, and the directors hav stated that the bonus payments will be annonced on April 10th, but won't be paid till June 10th. With discussions of those facing redundacy it has come about that 1) as the company considers reducdacy as dismissal it won't pay, and 2) even if it decided to do so, the people facing redundacy would have to be here on June 10th.

Now everyone has worked long and hard to achieve bonus over the last year, and for once it will be paid, then they decide to make 25 people redundant and also stop them from reciving the bonus they've earned, but stating that they need to be employed by the company on June 10th, but they won't be as they're firing them, it's an appalling treatment of people who have worked hard for the company.

Anyway, on a more positve spin, I applied for the job I wanted as Marketing Analyst, and have an interview tomorrow, terribly nervous about it all, but i've spent the past week researching and revising, so I should be all set.

My personal life is as chaotic as ever, I took Ant to the girls leaving party last Friday, before he proceeded to get wasted, and was asked to leave. I really dont know how to feel about Ant, sober, he's lovely, funny, kind, attentive, wastd he's letchy, abusive, inconsiderate. What do I do aout it, I'm not conviced I have the aplitude to put up with his self destruction every time we go out, I need someone who is fine with who they are, and aren't hellbent on destroying themselves, it's not where I am personnally, although I am filled with guilt about the feeling this way.

This weeknd is Rhiannon's Christening, Ferdie is arriving from Nottingham, so it will be Rich, Ferds and I again, which hasn't happend for about 5 years now. I'm looking forward to it.