Thursday, February 16, 2006

A Week is a Long Time in a Love Life

Within the last week, the love front has grown more complex, and then simplified itself.

Last Tuesday I finally had the date with Ad, which seemed to go ok, he's the kind of guy that appeals to me intellectualy, and when I'm in his company, I enjoy being able to discuss things with him that the majority of my friends don't discuss at all.

In a lot of ways he reminds me of my friend P, as they both have interests in politics, science, yet Ad also enjoys Opera as much as I. While they both would make enjoyable companians, I can't imagine having sex with either, therefore not great bf material. This is a shame, as Ad is very cute.

So come Wednesday my attentions are more drawn towards At, who's the one that used to date P when I was going out with R (P's current bf), but again I'm not sure of my motives here, so we'll leave this for now.