Monday, February 06, 2006

Girls. Girls? Girls!

Prior to our disco dancing on Saturday night, due to our eagerness(confusion?)we had an hour to kill before we could enter, so we stumbled across a small white pub in Vauxhall. It had a sign outside saying "Valley of the Dolls", so we apprehension we enetered, not knowing what to expect, or if 5 gaymen would be welcome, we were quite relieved to see several Transexuals/Drag Queens at the bar.

The owner come over and explained that it was a 'Private Party', which was on every Friday but we wer more than welcome to have a drink for the evening, and stay if we wished. He also wanted to check that we were aware of the clientale, and that we were accepting of that.

So we stayed for a drink, and during that time, I noticed that the others in my party were becoming slightly agitated, and wanted to leave as soon as possible.

Once outside, they continued to be slightly disconcerting of the pub and it's clientale. This surprises me, I've always been comfortable around Drag Queens and Transsexuals, partly as in my Swansea days I was a Drag Act, fabulous of course, partly as I'm from a small gay community we all stuck together.

Yet the reaction of my friends, whom are nice people, feel there's while it's acceptable to be entertained by Drag Queens from the stage in their locals, aren't comfortable drinking amongst them whn they're dressed up but not performing.

Considering we're now in LGBT History Month, is there increasing factions in the LGBT community that are heading towards discriminating amongst those that we've stood by in the past while others were discriminating against us. Now we have our laws protecting us, is there going to be divides, created in part by those gaymen who seem to think that being Lesbian, Bisexual or Transgender is beneath those of a 'pure' Gay orientation.

If so, how can we rectify this before soon we'll be having individual History Months dedicated to just the Lesbian, Gay or Transgnder sections of our community?