Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Gay Perceptions

I read yesterday that the ASA had dropped 80 complaints against an advert involving a gay kiss on primetime TV. http://www.gay.com/news/article.html?2006/02/04/2

While the ASA stated that the kiss for Dolice & Gabbana watches couldn't be banned for its homosexual kiss alone or even the time it was shown, it's enlightening to find that the majority of the population now accept that this is a natural act, and shouldn't be hidden from anyone including children who might have been watching.

This was on top of the article in the Independent yesterday stating the Top 10 Gay adverts. There seems to be a growing influx of adverts portraying gay characters or events, yet in the past this boundary has been pushed for more shock value than advertisers wanting equality on our TV screens, so with the ASA verdict, will we see an increase or decrease in gay characters on adverts.

The other query is now that parents will have to be aware that their children will be faced on adverts with gay relationships and events, are they going to be more open about accepting these relationships and explaining it to their children, or will they impose their repulsion to gay relationships, either way, it means that there will be more openness concerning the gay community.