Thursday, January 26, 2006

My Chances of Leading the Lib Dems....

...have improved greatly over that last 2 weeks.

If it's not enough that they topple a leader who had 'alcohol problems', one of the candidates for the job was linked to gay escort stories, and now Simon Hughes has come out as bisexual.

Now as someone who has previously encompassed all three activites plus past drug offences (a la Cameron), surely that leaves me more qualified to lead the party than the others.

Now as some are aware I'm Gay, but I've previously been Bisexual, mainly between the ages of 15-19 of course, it was something I dabbled with, well women I dabbled with, a case similar to Clintons "trying dope but not inhaling" as it were.

Then between the ages of 18-21 I plied a small business as a gentleman's escort, which unlike a 'Rent Boy', meant I wasn't obiliged to have sex, yet if I wanted too, and they paid enough, then I would. I have no shame about this. It helped pay my way through college and Uni, and enabled me to buy a house, and earn good money for being in the company of proper gentlemen. Which allowed me to have a certain taste of the things I love, but which my friends had no interest in, like Opera, the Theatre, Literature and Arts.

The alcohol issue has already been discussed, that derived more from boredom and loneliness when I first moved to London. While it had it's drawbacks, the majority of the time was spent in a half dazed stuper, which as those who have been out on a Friday night will testify is not always a bad thing.

So the possibility of me being able to become leader is increasing everyday, all we need now is for Chris Huhne to be embroiled in a 'sheep & drug' incident, and the job's mine.