Friday, January 13, 2006

Gay Chav Love & Studded Chastity Belts

It's been a busy few evenings this week, and as usual ther was drinks involved, thereby leaving me incapciatated to write up what's happened.

Firstly though, it looks like I've managed to sort out the iPod disaster, and finally look like getting my money back on the no show, so it's off tonight to he Apple store to pick one up in person.

Now Tuesday was my friend Steph's 40th, so we all trapsed into Greenwich to the Nelson for drinks and dinner. Of course I needed to get a present for Steph, and based on her '50+ women porn mag' she got me for Christmas, it needed to both delight and appall in equal measure. So at 5.30pm Tuesday I rushed to Soho hoping for some inspiration, whn I suddenly saw a book, which lead me directly to the present that was ideal.

So wih the gift wrapped up, off I went to the Nelson. Just as we sat down for dinner, after we ordered it as present giving time, and as my flatmates had dropped off their presen earlier, which was 40 bottles of wine, and the others didn't have any to give, it was just my present to hand over.

You can imagine the delight, when she opened it to reveal a leather studded chastity belt, with ajustable chains to fit all sizes. Of course after the inital shock, she was delighted, and after little encouragement took to wearing it immediatley.

So when the wine waiter turned up to pour our drinks, as he approached Steph she made sure that he got an eyefull of the garment. He loved it too, and it was no surprise when during the entire meal we seemed to be served by the entire staff and manager, all enjoying the belt. We also managed to clear the dining room within the hour too.

Still everyone at our table, and no doubt the pub had an enjoyable evening, and it's a birthday to remember. The only downside seems to be that I've agreed to go with Steph to Torture Garden in a couple of months time.

Then on Wednesday part of the Gay Mafia in work had an outing to 'A Beautiful Thing' at the Sound Theatre. Well I say theatre, but in reality it was the set and benches set up in one of their dancerooms. Still the small surroundings and closeness to the set and players made it very intimate, as if you were part of the estate yourself watching everything that was going on. The actors werre excellant, and due to the closeness you became emotionally involved in a way, that it's difficult to when there's a proper stage, making a barrier between the actors and the audience.

At one stage there is a fight between Jamie and his mother, which draws you in emotionally, I remember looking across at the audience opposite me, and seeing the majority of them having tears welling up in their eyes. Powerfull stuff.

If you've seen the film or the play previously and enjoyed it, please go and see this production, it will enhance you appreciation of a brilliant story.