Friday, January 27, 2006


There have been a number of entries regarding the exposes of Mark Oaten and Simon Hughes involving gay chat lines and rent boys. Including an entry today by Zefrog, linked above.

Some of what's been said is correct, yet there's is a disparity between paying for sex, and hiring an escort. Now as a former escort, I never considered myself a rent boy, and a great many in the London area and beyond who currently are, and I'm friends with a couple who are escorts, would feel the same for the following reasons:

1. While I charged for my company, I never charged for sex only. Sex was an additional service that some escorts provide and some don't, it's was my choice, and usually it depended on the client, the money involved and my mood at the time.

2. Escorts, like I was, mainly tend to be used as someone who provides company to generally elderly clients. When I used to provide this service, I had to be able to hold a decent conversation and also have interests in opera, the theatre, the arts, literature, food and politics. Most escorts can adapt to suit any client, and therefore have to have wide ranging interests and abilities.

3. Escorts tend to decide to enter the profession, and due to the usually respectable clients, in part due to the higher costs they charge as opposed to rent boys, generally are drug free, which enables them to leave the profession when they choose to.

4. Rent boys, provide a purely sexual service, similar to female prostitutes, because of this, the prices they charge are less, they are more inclined to be drug addicts, usually to help them overcome their feelings of deprivation. This in turn leads them to continue being rent boys to feed their drug habits. While there are pimps in the same manner as there is in female prostitution, there are 'agencies' which operate to provide the services, and take a fee of the rent boy’s charges.

In general escorts are more discreet, knowledgeable, cultured and respectable. To place them in the same bracket as rent boys without acknowledging the difference is to underestimate the time and effort it takes to become a decent escort, whereas any man can become a rent boy.