Wednesday, January 25, 2006


It's been a while since I've dated properly.

Usually it's just been sex dates which isn't the same thing, as there's less worry about if you'll won't get along and less concern about what happens if you end up in bed togther too quickly, as that's intntion from the arrangement through to completion.

In fact thinking about it, the last time I went on a proper date was last Febuary, which went well, until I realised how short he was (he came upto my navel - which some would argue was the perfect height).

Following on from last Friday's dinner with the Dr and his boyfriend, we came to the argreemnt that we would no longer have casual sex, and just have friendship, which is great, as it's stops everything getting too messy, and while we're still getting on as friends.

So I was pleased when following dinner and sex we all went out together and met up with one of their friends who turned out to be a charming young man, with similar interests as myself such as politics, Opera, diner and the Theatre, we chatted, swapped numbers and went our seperate ways.

Now as I haven't felt interested in someone like this for a long time, someone who intrigues me more as a person, than just a sexual conquest, I've come over all pubersant in asking them out, and deciding where to go for a date.

How can someone, who has had no trouble being direct in asking for sex from cute guys in clubs, suddenly turn into a 14 year-old boy when it's someone I really want to spend more time with? Where's the justice?