Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Date

Following yesterday's post about my nerves regarding asking a young man out.

I remembered that yesterday was in fact St. Dwynwyn's Day, which is the Welsh version of St. Valentine's Day.

St. Dwynwyn was a young lady in the 5th century, who when stopped from loving the man she wanted, become a Nun instead, so while the rest of the world celebrates a the saint that represents the pairing of creatures, we in Wales celebrate love by promoting someone who decide on celebacy as a sign of true love.

Is it any wonder that the population is decling in Wales.

Still, feeling full of the feelings of misplaced passion, I took the plunge and asked the young man out to a party with me on Saturday. While he unfortuniately couldn't make it that day, we've arranged drinks next week as a alternitive.

Although he questionned my movements this week, I've decided to "play it cool" and not get myself all worked up and excited too early. So next week it is.

All I needed was a little courag, and an excuse to call, thanks Dwynwyn love.