Friday, November 04, 2005

That Friday Feeling

Fridays are always so relaxed in work, there's an antipation about the weekend, everything that has to be done has been, and the drinks trolley is rattling around passing out wine or Bucks Fizz (made the proper way) alongside the snacks, and of course friday Cake.

Today though seems more joyfull than most, and it not down to something I can point my finger at, but a combination of many things that seemed to have gelled together to lighten the feeling in the office. Perhaps it's the bosses have been dragged to a strategy meeting, allowing all us smerfs to run riot, perhaps it's because in my dept of 'ladies dresses', our TV advertised lines, have arrived, and through a detailed analysis (i.e. everyone tried on the dress) it suited me the bst, maybe this is because I'm the only 6ft size 8 in the dept.

Yet if I had to pick one thing it must be down to the kissing vouchers that have been flooding the dept.

So to pass on the joys of Friday, here you go:

Remember it's Friday, it's 5 past 5, it's Crackerjack time!