Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Time Flies

Well it's been a couple of weeks since my last post, and it's not because of a lack of things I wanted to comment about, but due to excessive business and social time constraints.

There's lots I wanted to discuss, like the fright my flatmate's elderly parents had, when a week ago last Saturday evening, they walked into the kitchen from a pleasant tea at the Ritz to be confronted with a 6'3 Drag Queen who happened to be with a friend of mine, who popped in on they're way to a party round the corner.

The subsequent party of which I only attended on a precursor that I wouldn't be enticed out any further, as I wanted to avoid going out clubbing for the weekend, to find myself coxed by the eight new gentlemen friends I made there to do so. Then to find myself surrounded by sweaty bounceable young men in Action's "Maze", being informed on the bouncibility of the Taiwanese.

Then there was appalling circumstances surrounding the Jody Dubrowski, and subsequent public backlash, both from the Gay press and the National titles, both trying to use this as an advocate of their beliefs before the poor lad had even been given a respectful funeral.

Of course there was also the non-drug fuelled Saturday night I experienced last weekend, which resulted in me turning back into the shy, retiring boy from my youth, being completely unable to think of how to start chatting up the guy I liked, despite being able to entice him over and embark in that 'I like you dance' wiggle-round-each-other thing that goes on.

Then if I wasn't as busy as a Queen Bee yesterday, I would have been able to post an entry on the research and findings discussed in the Guardian yesterday about how if you have your foreskin removed then you have a 60% less chance of getting HIV...

Yet I'm far too busy at the moment to go into all of that, so it'll have to wait until next time.

If by chance you do happen to read this entry and have an understanding on how I can publish my recommended blogs on my blog to save my grey cells from trying to remember what those amusing blogs are called, then please fill me in? Or just leave a comment on how to do it?