Thursday, October 06, 2005

A Question of Passion

Following my last post, I have to say I was impressed by the turnout, and I found it quite enlightening to demonstrate my views again, I haven't done so since University, when we would embark on continuous buses into London to protest against or for whatever event was happening, from Pro-abortion rallies to Anti Clause 28 protests, there were many and varied beliefs I had then, and I wasn't afraid to voice them in any way that would make them heard.

That was 7 years ago, and in that time, I like many of my fellow protestors from University have become bogged down in the world of employment, which means that there are few chances to leave work and join any protest you feel strongly about, or if they happen on a day when you are off, you always seem to have something 'more important' to do, like visit Ikea for 5 hours to pick up that Sleigh Bed you don't need instead of making the Government know your opposition to it's policy on Darfur where people don't even have beds.

Although I don't believe it's just the adjustment of time that's preventing us, it's also the increasing belief that no matter how many of us view our protests either for or against a policy, be it British or foreign, that the Government doesn't listen and continues as it like regardless. The prime example of his was the Anti Iraq war protests in 2003, which had no impact on the Governments position or that of a supposedly Opposition party (with the exception of the Lib Dems). Did I lose my passion for demonstrations when I realized that my generation in University (those who still had their fees and grants paid for by the state) were the last of those who took part in such things, did the next and current generations have too much concern for their own welfare, due in part to the pressure of results, grades and monetary issues than tackling Governments and organizations over their actions.

Is the apathy to demonstrating your views due to lack of action following these protests or is the lack of mass protests allowing these actions to continue without being questioned?

Recently I seem to have found the fire in my belly again as it were. I now regularly read the paper in the morning and I find myself becoming more disappointed, angry and displeased with what I read, and the actions being taken without respite for counter arguments. Why did I lose this for 7 years, and why now am I regaining my voice of opposition?

More importantly, will others regain their voice and use it, or will this resurgence in my passion for protest be as useful as sunglasses in a fog?