Friday, September 30, 2005

Polite Arguments on Social Time Restraints

Decisions, Decisions...

Sometimes life comes along, usually when your busy looking at some cute guys assets, and kicks you up the bum.

Today happens to be one of those days, this weekend I was intending to go to a friend's birthday party in Clapham, all was set, I had even (in a moment I can descibe now as flawed) allowed him to borrow my decks and even had agreed to play at his party. This was until Monday, when I recieved an e-mail from another friend of mine inviting me to his party in Herts as he is going to Austrailia for 6 months on Tuesday, it's at his bungalow in a remote village in the centre of a farm, surrounded by fields, so the chances of visiting both are slim, well non-exisitant really. So which do I go too?

Well on the Birthday Boy's plus side, he always has entertaining parties, I like a lot of his friends, he used to be an ex of mine, I gt to fiddle with my decks and make sure he doesn't swipe my records. On the negative side, he's likely to be completely f**ked within 2 hours of anyon getting there, it's likely to turn into some fifthy dirty kind of party with all those hormone driving gay men, he's accepted the fact that we don't date anymore, but is likely to take offence at anyone i chat to. He'll take offence if I don't show, as he did ask me first.

On the Austrailia-bound Boy plus side is that I won't see him again till he gets back in 6 months time, I've known him for longer, I haven't seen him or his friends since Brighton Pride, as we've all been away during August and September. They're parties are legandary as there's no neighbours for miles to complain about the nioise etc. On the negative side, I won't be able to sneak out to go clubbing if things start slowing down, it'll involve a 3 mile trek through fields to get there from the train station. He'll be disappointed if I don't go, but it won't be the end of the world.

Oh hell who am I kidding, Herts here we come!

p.s. There is something wrong with my keyboard, occasionally it misses e's, t's and w's, perhaps I'm not being forcefull enough wih my lft hand, so I apologise if the spelling appears to be incorrect, I know what I mean, and if you read this, hen hopefully you will too. Besides I'm not sure I'm committed enough to this blog yet to start proof-reading my entries.

Reasons why the Internet was invented....

No 1:

To help us see though the fakeness of the world.


Thursday, September 29, 2005


I'm not new to blogging, nor to this site, yet this is my first blog on this site.

There are many reasons for this new blog, the main and most interesting to anyone who choses to read this blog is that my previous blog on 20six has become widely read by friends of mine, including past exes, and as such I'm limited in what I can discuss or reveal wihout either a) offending someone or b) offending everyone.

So let's start with myself, I'm a 27 year-old- male living in South London, I've lived here for 4 years after moving from Swansea and I'm still intrigued by the complexities of London Etiquette or lack of it.

I work as a Merchandiser, which for those of you who are unaware what this entails, is basically just buying and selling, although I'm not in the glamourous role of picking the outfits themslves,. just deciding the quanity and price, so more of an accountant really. The company is a large organisaion well-known, and as such I cannot name, as som of my posts may seem detrimental at times.

I am gay, although that's pretty much inconsequential, as my realtionships end to be little cottage romances lasting a week or so.

Anyway till next time.